New Album „You Make Me Feel Good“, 2018

With ‚You Make Me Feel Good’ singer and songwriter Katja Cruz presents a wonderful willful and danceable Pop album. Her music and sound feel rather located in New York or London than in Austria, where this CD was recorded. Her voice, and also her band, they oscillate and shimmer colorful – from breathtaking gentle slowness, giving you the creeps, and smooth ballads, through souly funky tunes up to a load of power almost reminding of Punk – Katja Cruz makes us feel good!

>> CD Release concert Dec. 12, 2018 9pm Postgarage Graz

>> This was our cd release concert … 

Armin Pokorn’s unique sound on e-guitar, reaching from cloudy spherical slides to shrill riffs, causes ‚a bright smile on your face’. Great support and impulsive on bass: Thorsten ‚Zet’ Zimmermann. Brilliant on piano: Roli Wesp. Powerful and vivid: Ernesto Grieshofer on drums. Through all the songs we sense the good vibes on all levels – this album makes us feel good!

Thorsten Zimmermann, Roli Wesp, Katja Cruz, Ernesto Grieshofer, Armin Pokorn

1 You Make Me Feel Good 
2 Love
3 I Got It All  
4 Fallin’ In Love 
5 It’s You
6 Goddess
7 Wild At Heart (With Fire In My Eyes) 

Katja Cruz, vocals
Armin Pokorn, electric guitar
Thorsten Zimmermann, electric bass
Roli Wesp, piano
Ernesto Grieshofer, drums
Andi Beit, keys on ‚Love’ 

Music & Lyrics: Katja Cruz

Recording, Mix & Mastering: Andi Beit

Photo: Thorsten ‚Zet’ Zimmermann

Graphics & Layout: Katja Cruz



Katja Cruz