PURITY (2017)

Katja Cruz: music & lyrics, vocals
Roli Wesp: piano
Klemens Pliem: soprano & tenor saxophone, bass & alto flute

UNIT Records 4804, Switzerland, ©2017
© Katja Cruz Music

No Name Planet watch
I Walk In Beauty watch
Waiting For You watch
My Song watch
In My Dream watch

recording, mix: Florian Krusche, A&O Studios, Graz
master: Reinhard Buchta, sound engineering, Wien
cover-photo: Günther Kubiza
graphics: Siegi Mühlwisch


1) No Name Planet
2) I Walk In Beauty
3) You And Me
4) In My Dream
5) Purity
6) Precious
7) Anything But Love
8) And Who Was The One
9) Waiting For You
10) Peaceful Warrior
11) Just You
12) Velvet Sofa, Silky Pillows
13) My Song
14) Have You Ever Seen My Pain
15) I Wanna Live
16) Prayer

Katja Cruz – Purity: Music unfolding from a nameless planet.
The songs sail forth, the instrumental sounds of Roli Wesp on piano and Klemens Pliem on saxophones and flutes intertwining into a mellifluous, buoyant, ocean-like surface. Katja Cruz’s voice, like a vessel, glides over the waves while at the same time being their cause. Pure, clear, with delicate vigour. In a word: Purity.
Over the course of more than 72 minutes, a crystal clear, fluently proud yet fragile hymn to the utopia of an innocent world unfolds. “Peaceful Warrior”, “Precious”, “In My Dream” – three of the 16 songs originating from Cruz’s “No Name Planet”: For a world of tenderness, of fervour and of drift. A song of love and lament, a battle cry within a field of beauty.

Holger Schulze, professor for musicology, Copenhagen / Sound Studies Lab, Berlin