Primeval Sounds of the World (2010)

Katja Cruz, Thomas Rottleuthner
Leo Records 578, UK, 2010

Leo Records, CD LR 578, UK, Kingskerswell ©2010
photo: Christian Pirkl

part I: Katja Cruz

Katja Cruz (A), vocals
music: Katja Cruz

1) Solar
2) Ancient Calling
3) Barefoot Through The Woods
4) High In The Woods
5) Sweet Water
6) Ancient Chatter
7) Lago Titicaca

part II: Katja Cruz / Thomas Rottleuthner

Katja Cruz (A), vocals
Thomas Rottleuthner (A), flutes, bassclarinet, baritonesax
music: Katja Cruz and Thomas Rottleuthner


8) Supernatural
9) Dance On Earth
10) Earth’s Song Of Power, Pain And Hope
11) Flight

For two years now I have been pursuing an inner mission to give expression to the primeval sounds of this world. This project has given me the opportunity to take a step towards fulfilling my aim.

This world – all life, all beings and all manifestations of it – resonate with sound. For me, perceiving this rich tapestry of sounds and pursuing them to their very source is a never-ending process. To lend them expression through my voice is my mission and my path.

When I started out on this venture, sound eluded me: all that I heard at once disintegrated. No sooner had I perceived a sound that it dissolved, leaving me enveloped in silence. Silence, underscored by a gentle whisper.

Thomas, while preparing for this concert, had a similar experience. Perhaps the moments of silence during our performance reflect this phenomenon. Playing together with Thomas has been a great pleasure.

Katja Cruz, 2010