Light & Shade (2011)

Katja Cruz, Carolyn Hume
Leo Records 618, UK, 2011

Katja Cruz / Carolyn Hume
Leo Records, UK, CD 618, ©2011

Katja Cruz (A), vocals
Carolyn Hume, piano

music: Katja Cruz and Carolyn Hume
photo: Dominik Kreuzer

1) Beneath the Ice
2) Rusalka
3) Siren Song
4) Light and Shade
5) Missa Cantata
6) Dei Gratia

Light and shade; living and dying: inseparably linked in an interplay of forces, these opposites, deep down, are one.

In gentle silence a universe becomes manifest, an ocean spreads, calm and expansive. Diving down, far down to the bottom of the sea, I sense the glittering stars as I rise again, liberated in the gentle wind…

Katja Cruz, 2011