Ich bin (2009)

Katja Cruz, Martin Krusche
ATS Records 0632, Austria, 2007

Katja Krusche (A), vocals
Martin V. Krusche (A), accordion
music: Katja and Martin V. Krusche
photo: Robert Uranitsch
2) Das Leichte
3) Die Kraft – Wasser
4) Erblühen
5) Fortschreitend
6) Vogelflug
7) Luft
8) Das Sanfte
9) Das Wilde – Feuer
10) Sprühend
11) Erde
12) Das Viele
13) Die Ruhe
14) Die Sonne
15) Dididididitiii
16) Pschscht!
17) Blödel
18) Lachen
19) Mickey Mouse am Hafen
20) Happy Song
21) Blu
22) Abschied
23) Wiegenlied
24) Pfiat eich!

“I AM” – a dedication to the seeker, to the space of the inner self, a perpetual journey within the world of thoughts – like being lead in a maze of distorting mirrors, sounding the depth of two instruments, one voice – many voices / figures that come together tenderly, say farewell for a moment and move apart – merrily bizarre, softly and fiery, merciless, awkward, complex, shading soft colours, secretively, mysterious and yet elementary: the way life is / by their singing Katja and Martin Krusche celebrate the essence of mere existence to its full extent, react to it, sometimes with daring sounds, in a boisterous mood, creating an intense density of sounds. “I Am” a skindeep experience-and sometimes even deeper …

Peter Stalder, 2007 (CH/A)
Translation: Barbara Gutleben-Regensburger (D)