I AM THE WIND (2016)

Katja Cruz, Darius Jones, Howard Curtis
UNIT Records 4683, Switzerland, ©2016 

Katja Cruz 
UNIT Records 4683, Swizerland, ©2016
Katja Cruz (A), vocals
Darius Jones (USA), alto saxophone
Howard Curtis (A/USA), drumsmusic: Katja Cruz
recording, mix & master: Florian Krusche, A&O Studios, Graz
cover-photo: Dominik Kreuzer
graphics: Theres Windmüller

1) Prologue
2) Playing With The Wind
3) Lullaby
4) I Am The Wind
5) The Wild
6) Laughing
7) The Dream
8) The Ancestor‘s Dance With The Wind
9) Epilogue

Katja Cruz’s voice flies and forms like the wind: with gentle, mysteriously whispering breezes and forceful, free-tonal storms she transports her listeners into the magical depths of the human voice, of human nature, painting dream worlds, by turns lulling them to sleep and challenging their perception. An album with surprising twists and turns, musically brilliant and deeply moving.


It is my affinity with the primal forces that guide and are the essence of my musical creativeness. In my exploration in this work, the voice gives body to the bodiless, expressing the magic of change.

“I am the wind, the deep sea, the spring and the rain, the sun…” is the experience that I am in all, that I am all, because I am.

Katja Cruz, December 2015