I am one (2009)

Katja Cruz, Martin Krusche
Leo Records 538, UK, 2009

Katja Krusche (A), vocals
Martin V. Krusche (A), accordion

music: Katja and Martin V. Krusche
photo: Tomas Danek


 1) from the east
2) spirited seed
3) from elysium
4) into silence
5) liberated forces
6) floating
7) crossing borders
8) reaching new lands
9) mightful forces
10) going deep
11) ecstatic beginning

What I strive for is to join together heaven and earth through song, so that we may realise that, in the end, all is one.
I understand myself as a vessel that gives expression to the permanent flow between heaven and earth. In my understanding the sound is already there; my mission is merely to lend it a voice, to make it audible.

Improvised music provides a great opportunity to create a spiritual and boundless space in which I – as a musician – and the audience can meet to experience a transparent sound-vision of the actual moment.

Katja Krusche, May 2009