(You’re) All I Ever Wanted

(You’re) All I Ever Wanted

Katja Cruz, May 2019


Midnight at the starlight diner, your voice is getting deeper and finer,

your breath so close to mine, as I enjoy the stars shine.

Ships are passing by, under this midnight sky,

my longing for you is burning, my heart and soul are yearning.


You’re all I ever wanted,

you’re all I ever haunted,

Baby, all I do is dream of you.


Will you be with me on this road? Will you be with me on this boat?

Gliding in this deep blue sky, will you stay nearby?

Baby, as you touch me tender, I feel I will surrender,

I see through this candle’s flame, this is no game.


You’re all I ever wanted…

(You’re)All I Ever Wanted

I Have Been Waiting For You

I have Been Waiting For You

Katja Cruz, 24.12.2017


I have been waiting for you, I have been waiting for you,

you are the one, the one for me.


I’ve seen your face out there, I’ve heard your voice before,

and now you’re everywhere, the dream opened the door.


Now I can hear you, now I can feel you,

you are the one, the one for me.


I have been waiting for you…


Didn’t know what love was before, now I worship it even more,

oh, please, don’t ever go, I love you so.


Now I can hear you…


I have been waiting for you…


I Have Been Waiting For You lead sheet

I’m Complete

I’m Complete, Katja Cruz, 2018

Spoken Intro:

There are moments in life where we don’t feel complete at all, where we feel a lack, a loss… and sadness…

But, please, always remember that you are complete, no matter what people say, or how you feel… you are complete, ‚cause that’s the way you are born… you are complete… and so am I…


I’m complete, can’t you hear my heart beat,

I’m fullfilled, excited, and thrilled.

Here I go, and I let you know

I fot everything I need, ‚cause I am complete.


I got head, sense, and brain, emotions and veins,

I got hands, legs, and feet, so I am complete.

I got my own life to live, lots of love to give,

I got my own thoughts, my own way, my own ground to stay.


I’m complete…


I got my own time to talk, my own time to walk,

I got ideas and dreams, I got power by all means.

I feel good when I’m alone, I got my own throne,

I make my own decisions, I follow my visions.


I’m complete…


And complete as I am, I don’t give a damn,

about what people say, I just follow my way.


I’m complete…

I’m Complete lead sheet