I’M COMPLETE – the first solo live video is online!

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“I’m Complete” is a song about inner and outer completeness, about the joy of being on one’s own, the joy to follow our visions, and to do what we want to do. “I’m Complete, can’t you hear my heart beat? I’m fulfilled, excited and thrilled. Here I go, and I let you I got everything I need ’cause I am complete…”

It was recorded September 16th, live at Orpheum Graz.

LIBERTY_c.: music, lyrics, vocals, piano
Live Recording: Florian Krusche
Mix and Mastering: Boris Schnelzer
Camera: Laurin Hofman
Editor: Roland Trillsam
© OUT of RED Records 2020

I WIN THIS GAME – the new Liberty_C. single is online!

I Win This Game is a song against violence towards women. This song is to remind women of their inner invulnerability, dignity, and strength. Violent men are taken to court. Women win this case. Women got the power to continue their life, to go on, to walk in fame, and to win this game.

LIBERTY_C. – die neue Single ist online!

I Win This Game ist ein Song gegen Gewalt an Frauen. Dieser Song erinnert Frauen an ihre innere Unverletzbarkeit, ihre Würde und Stärke. Gewalttätige Männer werden vor Gericht gebracht. Frauen gewinnen diesen Prozess. Frauen haben die Kraft ihr Leben fortzusetzen, in Ruhm weiterzugehen, und ein solch böses Spiel zu gewinnen.

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Cool Pop! Live (2020)

Katja Cruz: music & lyrics, vocals, piano
Ernesto Grieshofer: drums, e-percussion, synthesizer

Live recorded in October 2019.
© Katja Cruz Music

Love watch
You Make Me Feel Good watch
All I Ever Wanted watch
Your Knife In My Hands watch

live recording: Florian Krusche
mix: Boris Schnelzer
mastering: Chris Hall
photo: Richard Griletz
graphics: Katja Cruz

You Make Me Feel Good (2018)

Katja Cruz, music & lyrics, vocals
Armin Pokorn, electric guitar
Thorsten Zimmermann, electric bass
Roli Wesp, piano
Ernesto Grieshofer, drums
Andi Beit, keys on ‚Love’

© Katja Cruz Music

I Got It All (live) watch
Wild At Heart watch


Recording, Mix & Mastering: Andi Beit

Photo: Thorsten ‚Zet’ Zimmermann

Graphics & Layout: Katja Cruz