Hear us at Café Kaiserfeld!

Katja Cruz & Ernesto Grieshofer

„Cool Pop“

Cool sind Katjas Popsongs in diesem neuen Format. Es groovt von hauchzart bis wild, von entspannter Leichtfüßigkeit bis zu sprühendem Temperament. Dabei entführt sie einen auch mal auf einen heißen Spaziergang durch New York. Dort gastierte die Grazer Sängerin schon einige Male und wurde vom Magazin „The New York City Jazz Record“ auch mehrfach ausgezeichnet. Ernesto Grieshofer am Schlagzeug ist ihr ein kongenialer Duo-Partner mit hochenergetischer Lebendigkeit und mitreißender Rhythmik. Weltklasse-Songs, herrlich erfrischend!

„Die ausdrucksstarke Stimme von Katja Cruz brilliert in allen Lagen.“ Concerto

„…vocal wonder of Katja Cruz.“ Journal d’écoute

„Katja Cruz has the technique and strength of personality to rivet an audience.“ The New York City Jazz Record

„…straordinaria vocalist austriaca.“ All about Jazz, Italia

„Musik wie diese öffnet die Seelen.“ Concerto


Katja Cruz: music & lyrics, vocals, piano

Ernesto Grieshofer: drums, e-percussion, vocals




Info: katja.cruz@icloud.com, 0043 664 1853416





Our next concerts!

Happy to see you at our next concerts!

Sept. 20, Dachbodentheater, Bruck a. d. Mur, Austria

Sept. 24, Café Kaiserfeld, Graz, Austria

50 Jahre Woodstock Festival, 15. 8. 2019, Vienna

Kathy Cruz (vocals, piano) in Duo with Ernesto Grieshofer (drums)

Come to see us in Vienna! Favoritner Kultursommer, Volkspark Laaerberg, https://www.facebook.com/Favoritner.Kultursommer/


I’m using Patreon now!

Hi everybody, I’m very happy to finally be here on this platform PATREON to share my music with you, my dreams and every step I make towards them.
I’m a singer-songwriter, and I finally need the freedom and the joy to do what I love to do.

Through your support on Patreon you become a part of the music I’m creating, and I hope it will enrich your life to see my songs flourish and to be a part of this creative process and my joy with it!

There are so many things I want to do: write more songs ;-), buy a new stage piano (the keys of my old one are chattering already), make the next studio recordings with band, produce videos (done by filmmakers)…and so many more things to get my music out there… I’m so happy you gonna join me there!

Love you all! Kathy

Here is the link to my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/kathycruz


Sculptures restored and repositioned at Meranpark, University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz

In the course of the revitalization of the Meranpark, the sculptures I designed in the years 1998 and 1999 have been renovated and repositioned.
My thanks go to KUG, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, our mayor Dr. Nagl, DI Wiener, and our vice rectors for their appreciating words for my work at the opening on June 12, 2019, and especially to Dr. Freismuth who made it possible to restore my sculptures.


This was our CD release concert …

Hi everybody, our concert was most pleasurable, actually thrilling… we enjoyed playing – I love this band – and had a great audience, even dancing… Here are some beautiful photos by Günther Kubiza… and by chance a handy com recording by Andreas Woyke who just filmed for joy to have a short concert memory… and I think it gives you a lovely impression, even when the quality of sound is, of course, not the best… Hope to see you soon in concert again! Love, Katja

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