Cantago (2007)

Katja Cruz, Martin Krusche
ATS Records 0668, Austria, 2007

Katja Cruz / Martin V. Krusche
ATS-Records, CD-0668, Vienna, Austria, ©2007Katja Krusche (A), vocals
Martin V. Krusche (A), accordionmusic: Katja and Martin V. Krusche
photo: Janosch Krusche

 1) Cantando
2) Che, Tango, che
3) Los pájaros perdidos
4) Beritwaltz
5) La vie en rose
6) Padam… padam…
7) Romance de barrio
8) Chiquilín de Bachín
9) Quedémonos aquí
10) Sous le ciel de Paris
11) Ne me quitte pas
12) Mon manège à moi
13) Pumpa
14) Rinascerò

Charismatic tango songs, lively chansons, mellow chansons, French musettes – played only by voice and accordion – full of charm, wit and temperament!

With this programme, Katja and Martin V. Krusche are presenting typical accordion literature: unforgettable French musettes (waltzes) and chansons of the legendary Edith Piaf stand side-by-side with less well known but equally appealing tango songs (tango canción) from the nineteen-thirties and compositions by the famous originator of the tango nuevo, Astor Piazzolla.
A passionate, expressive vocalist, Katja Krusche touches the hearts of her audience, while Martin V. Krusche captivates listeners with his subtle virtuosity on the accordion.

Vigorous, magical, bold!