Katja Cruz is an Austrian singer, songwriter, composer, improviser, and fine artist.

„Songwriting became the very the essence of  my life“, she says about herself. “Cool Pop!” is her very new project in duo with Ernesto Grieshofer. “Cool Pop!” also defines this style of music. In this format Katja Cruz sings, plays e-piano, and performs several tunes as free dance. Ernesto Grieshofer plays drums and uses e-percussions as well as synthesizer sounds. Both together act on a very high level of hot energy, joy and wildness.

In her earlier life she had put a special focus on avantgarde jazz where she worked on an international level and recorded with musicians as Oliver Lake, Darius Jones, Elisabeth Harnik, Andrea Massaria, Mat Maneri and Warren Smith.

Two of her recordings were nominated as „Best Vocal Release“ by The New York City Jazz Record. She also did some Latin, as well as Tango Argentino and French Chanson.

Her fine art can still be seen in the center of Graz – in front of the university for music and dramatic arts you find her sculptures to the music of Arnold Schönberg, Anton Webern and Alban Berg, the so called 2nd Viennese School, worked out in steel and glass.

In several of her projects she cooperated with Austrian composers Gert Kühr and Georg Friedrich Haas. Her strong connection to music is also expressed in her paintings, performances and landart. She was born and lives in Graz.