I’M COMPLETE – the first solo live video is online!

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“I’m Complete” is a song about inner and outer completeness, about the joy of being on one’s own, the joy to follow our visions, and to do what we want to do. “I’m Complete, can’t you hear my heart beat? I’m fulfilled, excited and thrilled. Here I go, and I let you I got everything I need ’cause I am complete…”

It was recorded September 16th, live at Orpheum Graz.

LIBERTY_c.: music, lyrics, vocals, piano
Live Recording: Florian Krusche
Mix and Mastering: Boris Schnelzer
Camera: Laurin Hofman
Editor: Roland Trillsam Rol Tri
© OUT of RED Records 2020

I WIN THIS GAME – the new Liberty_C. single is online!

I Win This Game is a song against violence towards women. This song is to remind women of their inner invulnerability, dignity, and strength. Violent men are taken to court. Women win this case. Women got the power to continue their life, to go on, to walk in fame, and to win this game.

LIBERTY_C. – die neue Single ist online!

I Win This Game ist ein Song gegen Gewalt an Frauen. Dieser Song erinnert Frauen an ihre innere Unverletzbarkeit, ihre Würde und Stärke. Gewalttätige Männer werden vor Gericht gebracht. Frauen gewinnen diesen Prozess. Frauen haben die Kraft ihr Leben fortzusetzen, in Ruhm weiterzugehen, und ein solch böses Spiel zu gewinnen.

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OUT of RED Records

Dear everybody, I’m very proud to present my own, new born record label!
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LIBERTY_C. solo at Tunnel Vienna, Support for PAUL!

Herrn Rossi’s Music Club, Nov 19th, 8:30 p.m, Tunnel, Vienna, Florianigasse 39, 1080 Wien
PAUL! – Support: Liberty_C.
You’ll hear my newest songs solo on piano.

New LIBERTY_C. Website!

Dear everybody, please, check my new Website!
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First Single out now!

I’m very happy that the first single of Liberty_C. is out now!
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Liberty_C. LIVE at Orpheum Graz

Our concert at Orpheum was simply wonderful! Thanks to my fantastic band, my wonderful audience, and Orpheum!

Preview: Baby, I Miss You

Baby, I Miss You

Liberty_C. – I’m Free

“I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free…”
Mein “Wort zum Sonntag”, ein Zitat aus einem Gospel.

Liebe Leute, bitte, lassen wir uns diese Freiheit nicht nehmen! Konzertsäle sind (mit der Einhaltung aller aktueller Regelungen) ein Ort der Freude! Eine Zeit, in welcher wir alle Sorgen vor der Tür abgeben dürfen und können. (Und nicht umgekehrt.) Konzerte sind Orte der Kraft und der Erholung, weil Musik uns dies alles schenken kann.

Ich freue mich, an diesem Abend für euch da zu sein!❤️
*Mittwoch, 16. September, 20 Uhr Orpheum eXtra*
(Dies ist das einzige Konzert an diesem Tag im Orpheum.)

Tickets: Orpheum Tel: 0316 8008 9000

Katja Cruz: music & lyrics, voc, p
Ernesto Grieshofer: dr
Juan Carlos Sungurlian Barsumian: git
Christoph Wundrak: flh, b

© Out Of Red Records 2020
Foto: Alba Maria Cruz

LIBERTY_C. *New Songs * New Band * New Sound*

See us at our concert at Orpheum Graz, September 16th!

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Great review of my COOL POP! LIVE CD

Katja Cruz, Cool Pop! Live ****
Die steirische Sängerin und Pianistin Katja Cruz mit schwerem, internationalem Renommee und stets positiven Reviews für ihre Tonträger in der Fachpresse verweilt also jetzt einmal weiter im Genre eines reifen Pop, der durch eine emotionsgeladene Tiefe und gefinkelte Arrangements punktet. Katja verniedlicht die neue CD mit „Mini-Live-Album“. Einspruch! Die 6 Songs haben Power und bleiben einem im Geiste hängen. Im Duo mit dem Schlagzeuger Ernesto Grieshofer, der an den Percussions und am Synthesizer zu hören ist, überzeugen Pop-Tracks wie „Fly High“ oder „All I Ever Wanted“. „Love“ ist einen Hymne, die man gerne mitsingen will und ein gehöriger Ohrwurm ist. Live gespielt, goutiert das Publikum die Show des Duos unüberhörbar über die Maßen. Bei den beiden letzten Liedern, „You Make Me Feel Good“ und „Your Knife In My Hands“, umhüllt Katjas Stimme eine bedrohliche Soundwall. Ernesto trommelt ein heftiges Finale. Ein dicker, poppiger Schlussstrich. Eine Empfehlung.

Ernst Weiss, Concerto 4I2020

See us in concert September 16th, Orpheum Graz!


I’m so happy to introduce my new band formation to you:

Katja Cruz: music & lyrics, vocals, piano
Juan Carlos Sungurlian Barsumian: e-guitar
Christoph Wundrak: e-bass, trumpet
Ernesto Grieshofer: drums, e-percussion, synthesizer

LIVE in concert September 16th, 2020, 8 pm
Orpheum Graz, Austria
Get your tickets here right now!

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I updated my bio….

When I was a child I spent a lot of time out in the little wood next to our house. I knew every single tree there, I climbed them, and sitting on their branches, leaned to their trunk, listening to the sound of the leaves and the wind, dreaming of me being a little Indian, I realized: Everything is sound. […]

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Here we go! COOL POP! LIVE at Orpheum Graz, Sept 16th

Hey, all you guys out there! Yes, we had to postpone our live event again… BUT: It’s happening! So come and celebrate, listen, laugh and dance with us! 🙂 And… there are some surprises waiting for you… 😉 Can’t wait to see you! Love, Katja

In the meanwhile check out my live videos:
*You Make Me Feel Good*
*All I Ever Wanted*
*Your Knife In My Hands*

COOL POP! LIVE – here is my new mini-album!

Dear everybody, that we had to cancel our release concert was kind of a shock. As it looks now it also won’t be possible to play in May… but post offices are still working… You can order my COOL POP! LIVE mini album right now directly from me! It includes a handmade original mini artwork and costs € 20,- (mailing expenses included). Every sold album is helpful in situations like these. I thank you for your orders! Warmly, Katja

Unfortunately we had to cancel our concert! New date: May 14th!

Dear everybody, I hope you all stay healthy! Please, take care for yourself and for others. I wish you all the best for these difficult times, and hope to see you soon again! All the best to you all, love, Katja

COOL POP! LIVE – CD Release Show

Sooooooooon!!!!! 🙂 Hope to see you there!

Orpheum extra, 11.3.2020, 20 Uhr

Tickets: € 22,- | € 15,-, Orpheum & oeticket
Info: 0316 8008-9000, 0664 1853416

Katja Cruz: music & lyrics, vocals, piano

Ernesto Grieshofer: dr, e-perc, synth

*You Make Me Feel Good* – COOL POP! Live – new video out now!

I hope this song makes YOU feel good….

Katja Cruz & Ernesto Grieshofer – COOL POP! LIVE – CD Release Show March 11th, 8 p.m., Orpheum extra, Graz, Austria, Tickets: +43 316 8008 – 9000 and oeticket – save your place! 🙂


*YOUR KNIFE IN MY HANDS* – new live video is online!

It is a wild and pleasurable song and dance of liberation, full of relish: “no more chains, no more jails, I live my own power now… I got your knife in my hands, now I’m free and unbound, and I dance my own dance, and I’ve found my own sound…”.

Thanks to my great duo partner Ernesto Grieshofer who made the final arrangement of this tune.
Thanks also to Roland Trillsam Rol Tri for the beautiful editing, to Florian Krusche for the live recording, to Boris Schnelzer for his mix, and to Chris Hall for the mastering.

*COOL POP! LIVE* cd release concert at ORPHEUM extra, March 11.


*All I Ever Wanted*

So, here is my second live video *All I Ever Wanted*! Enjoy!

The release concert of our audio production “Cool Pop!” will be on March 11th, 2020 at Orpheum extra, Graz.

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*Love*… my first live video is online!


Please, share and spread *Love* over this world!

*Love*, Katja

new project: COOL POP!

Katja Cruz, music, lyrics, vocals, piano, dance
Ernesto Grieshofer, drums, e-percussion, vocals

20.9.: Dachbodentheater, Bruck/Mur, 20 Uhr // 24. 9.: Café Kaiserfeld, Graz, 19:30 Uhr //
28. 10.: Live Recording, Die Brücke, Graz

New Album „You Make Me Feel Good“, 2018

With ‚You Make Me Feel Good’ singer and songwriter Katja Cruz presents a wonderful willful and danceable Pop album. Her music and sound feel rather located in New York or London than in Austria, where this CD was recorded. Her voice, and also her band, they oscillate and shimmer colorful – from breathtaking gentle slowness, giving you the creeps, and smooth ballads, through souly funky tunes up to a load of power almost reminding of Punk – Katja Cruz makes us feel good!

>> CD Release concert Dec. 12, 2018 9pm Postgarage Graz

>> This was our cd release concert … 

more “New Album „You Make Me Feel Good“, 2018”